How to keep students engaged and motivated in online class courses

After covid -19, Online learning has become an increasingly popular way of flexible and effective learning from anywhere. As all the courses are shifting online, it is also important to find how to keep students engaged and motivated in an online class course. To help students succeed and achieve their goals in online class courses, instructors must employ various effective strategies that can help maintain their students’ interest and motivation throughout the course.

It is very important to bring the best results for tutors and students. It is due to a lack of direct interaction between the tutor and peer, limited social interactions, technical defaults, and other reasons. In this article, we will find the reasons behind students’ lack of interest in online class courses and many strategies to overcome this problem for effective results.

Why students cannot pay attention during online class

During online class courses, students cannot get pay heed to their studies like in a physical class. There are many reasons behind it like

  1. Lack of proper class Environment

Although online classes provide flexibility and freedom in learning due to the lack of a proper learning environment, it is difficult for students to pay attention to learning. During physical classes, there is a learning environment for students without any distractions that keep students engaged in learning and gives the best results.

  1.  Presence of distractions around

Students may have distractions in their environment due to the unavailability of proper learning environments, such as the presence of family members, noise, or other digital devices, along with complete freedom to use, which can make it difficult to concentrate on the online class course.

  1. Lack of interaction between tutor and other students

Direct interaction with the tutor and other fellows keeps a student engaged through this active learning, but Students may feel less engaged during online classes than in-person classes. This could be due to a lack of interaction with peers, limited opportunities for active learning, or a less structured learning environment. Instructors can engage students by incorporating interactive elements like breakout sessions, group work, and online discussions.

  1. Some technical issues

Another factor involved in an online class is technical problems, such as poor internet connectivity, software glitches, or device malfunctions, which can disrupt the class flow and make it challenging for students to follow along.

  1. Personal reasons

Students may be dealing with personal issues, such as health concerns, family problems, or stress, which can affect their ability to focus on the online class course. Another reason is that devices extract many rays that severely affect students’ eyes and mental health, so they cannot pay attention in class.

Tutors can overcome this problem by using strategies to address them and create a more supportive and engaging online learning environment.

How to keep students motivated and engaged in online class courses

Student engagement is very important in online classes. Many instructors make new strategies and implement them to get better results. Here is a technique to improve the student’s engagement in online classes and keep them motivated to learn and get their goals efficiently

Keep interacting with students:

Student and tutor interaction is a key point of success in learning that one-class courses lack. If you make this possible, like doing different activities and asking students different questions during class, many similar activities can keep both tutor and students interacting. Along with this, try to provide an environment in which students xl also interact with each other it can be very helpful to keep students engaged and share their knowledge with each other.

Set clear expectations:

Setting clear expectations for learning, assignments, assessments, and course policies can help students stay on track and motivated. Tutors should also provide a clear schedule and deadlines for assignments and assessments, along with some online quizzes. To keep students engaged, asking some questions timely during class is another way of getting attention during online courses.

Utilize technology

Tutors or online class course providers should utilize the new invention of technology to overcome this default of online learning systems. Try to relate technologies like whiteboards, Video conferencing with an interacting environment.


To succeed in any field, taking an interest in it is the most important element lacking in any online class. To engage students and keep them motivated in online class courses, it is very important to set clear expectations and, by utilizing advanced technologies, try to urge them and


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